2019 Atlas and Athena athletic mentoring program connects freshman and upperclassman!

Last year’s ATHENA Squad Leaders and Participants

Last year’s ATLAS Squad Leaders and Participants

Each fall, junior and senior athlete leaders give a warm welcome to all incoming freshman athletes with the Atlas and Athena mentoring program. Upperclass “Squad Leaders” are trained to facilitate discussions with younger athletes on positive choices and building team and community during a training retreat hosted by Project Adventure. Then, after school for five consecutive days, Squad Leaders are partnered with a group of 15-20 freshman as they lead them through an active curriculum that covers proper diet, adequate sleep, good sportsmanship, and other tools that make for an outstanding student athlete, and help them become more successful adults.  Students also discuss how to avoid negative influences, such as drug use or binge dieting.

The goal of the program is to prepare students for the rigors of being a student athlete and to create lasting connections between freshman and upperclassman athletes well after the program ends. The upperclassman are always so excited to take on the challenge of being an Atlas and Athena Squad Leader because the remember their Squad Leader from when they were Freshman and valued their experience in the opening month of their high school career.

Who will attend: All DHS freshman fall athletes. All upperclassman “Squad Leaders” have been recruited and trained prior to the program start date.

Dates of Program: September 15-20, 2:00-2:40 in the Vye Gym at DHS

For more information, email Lyla Harrod at [email protected]