Community Concern

Alcohol continues to be the drug of choice among Danvers youth, new tobacco products are influencing adolescent experimentation, and marijuana use among high school teens continues to increase. Adolescents do not perceive the harm of sharing medication not prescribed to them, and rising reports of anxiety pose a need for helping young people be aware of positive coping strategies.

To address these issues, DanversCARES has a three-point-plan. The plan is based on research-supported strategies that have proven effective in reducing youth substance use.


1. Reduce Access 

  • Parents do not provide
  • Older siblings and friends do not provide or share
  • Adults monitor or lock up alcohol and prescription drugs at home

2. Change Norms

  • Focus on the positive: Most students do not use, most students make healthy decisions
  • Students perceive that drug use is harmful
  • Parents and community members disapprove of use
  • Using at social events is not acceptable

3. Maintain Visible Enforcement

  • Law enforcement deters juvenile drug incidents
  • Compliance with state laws regarding sales of alcohol to minors is monitored
  • Police implement Party Patrols, Cops in Shops and Shoulder TAP
  • Businesses serve and sell alcohol responsibly

drug drop box