Welcome to DanversCARES!

DanversCARES is a dynamic community coalition focused on positive youth development. We’re fun and involved!

DanversCARES seeks to foster a community environment in which youth and families make healthy decisions. We work toward this by encouraging collaboration, expanding programs and services for youth and families, and by supporting systemic change.

In Danvers, there are many assets that support youth and families: good school systems, opportunities for community service, recreation facilities, social services, and more. All these help make Danvers a healthy, vibrant community.

Yet many youth face a culture that is counter-productive to leading healthy lives. Negative media glamorizing drugs and violence, pressures from peers to conform, hurried lifestyles, a society that equates sports and celebration with alcohol use–all these influence youth. DanversCARES believes these negative influences can be counteracted. By working together we can encourage youth to be resilient. Resilient youth are grounded in values and adaptable to change. They feel connected, are goal-oriented, and are able to make good decisions. Despite challenges, resilient youth thrive.

Everyone has a role in supporting our youth, our community. Take our coalition challenge. Ask, “What can I do to foster a healthy Danvers?” We invite you to explore this question, learn more about our activities, and join us in our community-building approach.